18 Sep 2023   |   By : Albert Winandar

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Purpose is to reset our body including our digestive system, throwing away toxicity and recreating balance throughout the whole function of our system.   Another reason is for us to be able to reach ketosis and Autophagy.  The word ketosis is when our body starting to use fat as energy, in other words, the longer we are fasting the more body fat that we can burn.  When we reach certain length of time of fasting, our body have the ability to lean out damaged cells or self eating (Autophagy).  This si why IF is very important to our lifestyle.

How to start IF?

Traditionally we eat 3 meals per day and not to mention snacking in between meals.  The amount of food that we are feeing ourselves through these many meals and snacking will cuse our digestive system to keep working and we are not allwoing our digestive system to rest and rest all the hormone, enzyme and organ functions.  Instead of eating 3 meals per day with snacks in between, we only eat 1-2 solid meals per day without any snakcs in between.  So we reduce the amount of time that our digestive system has to work and we'll let our body recover from working all the time.  IF usually being diffrentiate by time frame.  In one day there are 24 hours.  So we are giving minimum of 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours to break our fast.  During this 8 hours time frame we can have 2 solid meals or we name it 16:8 ratio.  Some people that has been doing fasting for a while they can go for 18:6, 20:4 or extended fasting for 48 hours even 7 days of fasting.  IF does not mean that we cannot drink water.  We can consume as many water as we watn because water has zero calorie, so it is still ocnsider fasting.

What is soild meals? 

Food are being differentiate with Carbohydrates, fibre, proteins, and fats.  Our body contain many muscles even our heart has muscles with functions of pumping our blood to the entire body.  Eating more organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, poultry(free range chicken), and other type of meats would be more beneficial that kettle, chicken and other animals that has been injected with growth hormone.  Animals that contain growth hormone, vegetables that has too much pesticides likely to cause changes in human body.  We can consider it as overly process food and it will cause mutation of the cells inside our body.  My suggestions is to consume more protein from grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, organic vegetables, and complex carbohydrates such as multigrain rice, couscous, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and for fruits and type of berries would be lesser in sugar.  Reduce consumption of overly process food, chemically made using genetically modified food and replace tese with protein, healthy at, and complex carbohydrates.  Combination with intermittent fasting will lead to healthier body functions, balance hormone, optimal functions of our organs, and even improve our moods.

This is a summary of what Intermittent Fasting, it has been implemented by many Functional medicine practitioner and it'll help us recover and prevent our body from getting any sickness.  If there is any questions and/or concerns, please contact me at dr.Albert@allwellscoliosis.com

Yours in health,