Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis treatment should be approached in a careful manner as it relates to many other parts of your body.


Scoliosis is not only an abnormal lateral bending of the spine, however, scoliosis may have rotational component of it in the lateral curve as well. Therefore, scoliosis cannot be treated by bracing the body or implanting titanium rods on the bones, without addressing the rest of the body such as spinal cords, nerves, discs, ligaments, and muscles.


When the spine bending and rotate, it will cause shortening of the spinal cords, compression of the discs that eventually affecting the nerves, ligaments will become lose on the convex side of the curve and tightening of the ligaments on the concave side, Multifidus muscles will become tighter on the convex side and weak on the concave side.


When there are imbalance of the ligaments, muscles, nerves, and spinal cord, we need to address the spine and neuromusculoskeletal problems and by increasing flexibility of the tight muscles, strengthening the weak side of the Multifidus muscles and re-training the brain to build new muscle memory.


Our treatment protocols are based on the CLEAR Institute method that is divided into three categories of treatment called MIX-FIX-SET.


MIX portion of the treatment is design for the scoliosis patient to warm up and reducing muscles tightness, increasing spine flexibility and hydrating discs in between the spine. It is usually divided into active and passive movements.


FIX portion of the treatment is a specialized chiropractic alignment using specific tools and instruments to the spine and extremities. The treatment will be based on the Scoliosis structure on the X-rays.


SET portion of the treatment is specialized exercise that will activate specific involuntary muscles in the spine to reach more balance posture.


At All Well Scoliosis Centre, we provide careful and tailor made scoliosis treatment where every scoliosis condition and problem is treated differently based on each individual needs and goals. Every patient will do different rehabilitation to achieve their goals and our licensed Chiropractor will guide each patient to improve their conditions and reach their goals.